Wonder Red Activities

Day 2 of the camp week features Wonder Red with �Word Power!� Wonder Red activities focus on rhyming and word families, which helps kids hear the sounds in words, a foundation for building early reading skills.

Wonder Red�s Tisket-A-Tasket Let�s Make a Basket Craft Activity (Week 1)
Campers build familiarity with words in the �ALL family by using cut-out letters to make rhyming words (BALL, TALL, WALL) on a felt �picnic blanket.� Then they decorate a picnic basket to store their blanket and letters in.
  • Tisket-A-Tasket Let�s Make a Basket Craft Activity (PDF)

Wonder Red�s Word Charades Game (Week 1)
Campers take turns acting out an �ALL word; fellow campers guess which word is being performed.
  • Word Charades Game (PDF)

Wonder Red�s Freeze Dance Rhyming Game (Week 1)
Everyone dances to music, freezing only when an �ALL family word is called out. Then campers search for the Super Letters and find the Super Story Answer.

Wonder Red�s Bake a Fake �ake� Cake Craft Activity (Week 2)
Campers make a special cake decorated with paper candles that reinforce �ake family words.
  • Bake a Fake �ake� Cake Craft Activity (PDF)

Wonder Red�s Pass the Pepper Game (Week 2)
Campers pass around a �hot� pepper. When the music stops, the camper with the pepper has to read an�ake family word.
  • Pass the Pepper Game (PDF)

Wonder Red�s All Across the �ake Lake (Week 2)
Campers use �ake word cards to cross a lake so they can bring a healthy snack to the witch.
  • All Across the �ake Lake Activity (PDF)

Wonder Red�s Fun With Mr. Sun (Week 3)
Campers make a list of words that rhyme with �sun�, that they then use to decorate paper suns.
  • Fun With Mr. Sun craft activity (PDF)

Wonder Red�s Word Friends Theater (Week 3)
Campers wear letters and form pairs to make various �UN words.
  • Word Friends Theater Game (PDF)

Wonder Red�s Wonderiffic �un Run and Finding Super Letters (Week 3)
In the style of �Duck, Duck, Goose�, a camper walks around a circle tapping fellow campers until selecting one to read an �UN word.
  • Wonder Red�s Wonderiffic �un Run activity (PDF)

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