SUPER WHY Reading Camps Curriculum: Weeks 1, 2 and 3

The SUPER WHY Reading Camps build on the success of the SUPER WHY television show�the first superhero series designed to help children 3�6 learn to read through interactive story adventures.

This site offers curricula for two sessions of SUPER WHY Reading Camps: Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3.

During each week of camp, campers watch a SUPER WHY episode (the same episode all week) and then engage in a variety of interactive early literacy activities that build on the literacy skills taught in the episode. Each day of the Reading Camp follows the same sequence of activities, but every day has a particular reading skill focus:

  • Monday�Alpha Pig�s Alphabet Day (letter identification)
  • Tuesday� Wonder Red�s Words Day (rhyming and word families, for ex: ball, wall, tall)
  • Wednesday�Princess Presto�s Spelling Day (letter sounds and spelling)
  • Thursday�Super Why�s Reading Day (vocabulary and comprehension)
  • Friday�Super You Day (a celebration of the accomplishments of the week)

Click the links below to see the full curriculum for each SUPER WHY Reading Camps week.

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