Featured episode: SUPER WHY & �Hansel and Gretel: A Healthy Adventure�

The activities for SUPER WHY Reading Camp Week 2 extend the learning in this featured episode as campers practice and build early literacy skills.

Here are the instructional materials for Week 2 of the SUPER WHY Reading Camp, including a Welcome Letter to teachers, a daily schedule or syllabus, materials list for each day, and the complete curriculum.

You can download content for the entire week or for each day.

In this episode, Red loves the quick bursts of energy she gets from candy and soda, but soon she�s too tired to play in the park. The Super Readers fly into the Hansel and Gretel story to meet with the witch, who is tired and grouchy from snacking on her sugary house. When the witch and Red trade their unhealthy snacks for fruits and vegetables, they feel better and have more energy. Throughout the story, campers will learn about healthy foods, identify the letters b, f, h, c, a, r, o, and t, rhyme with �ake words, and use opposite words to change the story.

Week 2 Welcome Letter
A letter introducing camp leaders to the SUPER WHY Reading Camps with a review of the Week 2 curriculum goals.
  • Welcome Letter (PDF)

All Week 2 Syllabi
A day-by-day overview of Week 2 of the Reading Camp; includes a schedule and descriptions of each day�s activities. (PDF)

Week 2 Camper Assessment Materials
Forms and materials needed to do the pre-interview and post-interview assessments for Week 2.
  • Overview (PDF)
  • Pre-Test (PDF)
  • Post-Test (PDF)
  • Manipulatives (PDF)

Week 2 Materials and Supplies
Detailed lists of the materials needed for all five days of Week 2. Be sure to review this list well in advance of the first day of Reading Camp so there�s time to gather and organize your materials! (PDF)

Entire Week 2 Curriculum
Complete instruction for all five days of SUPER WHY Reading Camp Week 2, including scripted directions and leveling options. (PDF)

�Hansel and Gretel: A Healthy Adventure� episode (Download | View)
Each day of Week 2, campers watch the SUPER WHY episode �SUPER WHY and Hansel and Gretel: A Healthy Adventure.� You can download the video or watch it online as streaming video.

Request a DVD of �Hansel and Gretel: A Healthy Adventure� episode and video clips by contacting Mary Haggerty at WGBH Outreach (

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