This easy-to-use tutorial is designed for SUPER WHY Reading Camp teachers and assistants. It will walk you through some of the key activities in a Reading Camp and offer you practical techniques for:
  • understanding the early literacy goal set for each day.
  • getting prepared�the key to Reading Camp success.
  • keeping all children actively engaged in interactive learning.
  • meeting each child at his or her reading skill level.
  • keeping the sessions engaging and upbeat.
Along the way, there will be lots of �teacher-to-teacher� tips from veteran Reading Camp leaders�ideas that you can try out in your own Reading Camp sessions!


  1. Set Goals. Start with a self-evaluation survey to assess your strengths as a Reading Camp leader and identify skills you want to work on.
  2. Learn to Lead by participating in the interactive tutorial. You�ll watch a series of short, narrated slideshows that offer �snapshots� of an experienced teacher leading a group of SUPER WHY campers. We start with an Introduction and Overview of the sequence of activities in a Reading Camp day, then spotlight four key features: Preparation, Interactive Viewing, a SUPER WHY Craft Activity and a SUPER WHY Game. After watching each slideshow, we�ll do a quick review and share valuable �teacher-to-teacher� advice offered by veteran Reading Camp leaders. We�ve provided a Learning Log so you can jot down responses to questions and reflect on how to apply what you have learned to your own Reading Camp.
  3. Try It Out! This is your chance to practice what you�ve learned. Choose a SUPER WHY activity to do with a group of kids. Gather the materials, read the instructions, and give it a try!
  4. Check Your Progress. How did it go? Assess your progress with a second self-evaluation.
  5. Get Resources and continue to build your SUPER WHY Reading Camp knowledge and expertise.
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