Try It Out!

It�s time to practice what you have learned! Apply the preparation strategies and teaching techniques from this tutorial as you try out a sample SUPER WHY Reading Camp activity with a group of kids.


  1. Select one or two of the Reading Camp activities suggested below.
  2. Use this handy Activity Checklist PDF.
  3. Lead the activities with your kids.
  4. Afterwards, think about how it went.
    • What were campers most enthusiastic about?
    • Were you well prepared? Did the activity go smoothly?
    • Were you able to convey the literacy goal in an engaging way?
    • Did your campers participate actively? How did you help them along?
    • What did you learn about each camper�s skill level? How would you continue to meet his or her learning needs?
    • Are there things that you would do a little differently next time?
    Jot down your experiences in your Learning Log.
  5. Then, return to this tutorial and check your progress.

Activities to Try

Activity 1 - Lickety Letters Craft Activity (PDF)

Try the Week 1, Day 1 craft activity featured in this tutorial. Campers practice letter identification skills by finding the letters in their names and then making a personalized name sign.

Activity 2�Letter ID Bingo Game (includes letter cards, 20 Bingo cards, place markers) (PDF)

Reinforce letter identification skills with this lively version of Bingo�the Week 1, Day 1 game featured in this tutorial.

Activity 3�Tisket-A-Tasket Let�s Make a Basket Craft Activity (PDF)

Apply the strategies and techniques you have learned in this Week 1, Day 2 craft activity. Campers use cut-out letters to make rhyming �ALL family words (BALL, TALL, WALL) on a felt �picnic blanket.� Then they decorate a picnic basket to store their blanket and letters in.

Activity 4�Word Charades Game (�ALL word cards without images, �ALL cards with images) (PDF)

Apply the strategies and techniques you have learned in this Week 1, Day 2 game. Campers take turns acting out an �ALL word; fellow campers guess which word is being performed.

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