Learn to Lead

In this tutorial, you'll follow Deborah as she prepares for her SUPER WHY Reading Camp, and then guides her kids through three activities from the Curriculum. Along the way, she�ll share strategies that you can apply as you prepare for and lead your own Reading Camp.
The Learn to Lead training is presented in six segments: 1) Introduction 2) Overview 3) Prepare 4) Camp Snapshot: Interactive Viewing 5) Camp Snapshot: Craft Activity, and 6) Camp Snapshot: Game. In each step of the training you will:
  • watch a slideshow.
  • review what you learned.
  • read Teacher-to-Teacher Tips offered by veteran Reading Camp leaders.
  • reflect on how to apply what you have learned in your own Reading Camp.

Meet Deborah and her kids!


In the slideshow, Deborah refers to the SUPER WHY Reading Camp Curricula. You�ll find the Curricula for Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3 right on this website.

Each Curriculum provides the blueprint for a week of SUPER WHY Reading Camp. It presents the target literacy goals and schedules for all five days, and offers lesson plans for each activity, including materials, scripted language for teachers, and skill level options for adapting the activity to meet campers at three different levels of reading skill proficiency.

As teachers�like Deborah�bring the Curriculum to life in their own Reading Camps, they respond to the needs of their particular group of children and work their own individual magic. This tutorial gathers together Teacher-to-Teacher Tips from seasoned Reading Camp teachers around the country�preparation strategies and teaching techniques that have helped make their Reading Camps successful and that they are pleased to share with you, their colleagues.

Teacher-to-Teacher Tip

�What�s the key to success? I think that, above all else, it is that the people leading the Reading Camps have positive attitudes and fun-loving personalities.�
�Trista Peitzman, Johnston, Iowa

Get ready for the next step of the Learn to Lead training.

Download and print the Learning Log. You can use it during the tutorial to answer questions, reflect upon the materials presented, and jot down ideas and insights about how to apply what you have learned in your own Reading Camp.

You may also want to download and print the PDF version of this Learn to Lead tutorial.
  • Learning Log (PDF)
  • Learn to Lead (PDF)
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