Check Your Progress

How was your experience leading a SUPER WHY Reading Camp activity? Were you able to apply some of the tips and techniques presented in this tutorial? Take the self-evaluation again to discover how much your skills and confidence may have improved.


  1. Download, print, fill out, and date the self-evaluation PDF.
  2. Compare it with the self-evaluation survey you took before the tutorial.
  3. Assess your progress. Where did you improve? Which areas do you want to continue to strengthen?

Congratulations! You�ve completed the SUPER WHY Reading Camp tutorial. Whether your progress was subtle or dynamic, you�ve undoubtedly increased your confidence and strengthened your skills.

To continue to build your SUPER WHY Reading Camp knowledge and expertise, check out some of the resources in the next section.

Then, continue your exploration of the Reading Camps website and download the materials you�ll need for your SUPER WHY Reading Camps.

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