Preparation is key to running successful SUPER WHY Reading Camps. Here is a cumulative list of the materials and equipment you will need for SUPER WHY Reading Camps, Weeks 1, 2 and 3. Be sure you review the list and order supplies several weeks before your camp starts.


  • Reading Camp Week 1: Materials and Equipment List (PDF)

  • Reading Camp Week 2: Materials and Equipment List (PDF)

  • Reading Camp Week 3: Materials and Equipment List (PDF)

Please note that it is essential that your Reading Camp has the equipment needed to view the daily SUPER WHY episode and video clips. If the Reading Camp facility has a computer with internet access, all episodes and video clips can be viewed from this site (on the PBS Kids video player), or you can download the episodes and video clips beforehand. Stations can request DVDs with the episode and related video clips from Mary Haggerty at WGBH Outreach. (

Optional online reading games from the SUPER WHY website are integrated into the lesson plan for each Reading Camp day. Although these games are not essential to the curriculum, they add an engaging and valuable dimension to the Reading Camp day. In order to use the SUPER WHY online games, you will need computers with internet access. You may want to set up your Reading Camp computers so that children only have access to the designated online SUPER WHY game of the day.

Be sure to test the computers at the Reading Camp facility well in advance to make sure the SUPER WHY episodes, video clips, and games are able to be accessed and used.

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