Princess Presto Activities

Day 3 of the camp week features Princess Presto with �Spelling Power!� Princess Presto activities focus on letter sounds and spelling. These activities help children to sound out letters and put them together to form words (encoding).

Princess Presto�s Grow A Letter! Craft Activity (Week 1)
Practicing the association between letters and the sounds they make, campers make letter flowers and �plant� them in a flowerpot when the teacher says the letter sound associated with a given letter.
  • Grow A Letter Craft Activity (PDF)

Princess Presto�s Princess Letter Sounds Basketball Game (Week 1)
When the teacher makes a letter sound, campers find the paper with the matching letter, crumple it into a ball and shoot it into a trash can, reinforcing the association between sounds and letters.
  • Letter Sounds Basketball Game (PDF)

Princess Presto�s Princess-cise Encoding Activity (Week 1)
Campers combine movement with practicing letters/sounds associations, and identifying words that start with certain letters.
  • Princess-cise Encoding Activity (PDF)

Princess Presto�s Puzzling Carrot Bookmark Craft Activity (Week 2)
Practicing the association between letters and the sounds they make, campers put together puzzles pieces to spell the word �carrot.� They then make a bookmark from the completed puzzle.
  • Puzzling Carrot Bookmark Activity (PDF)

Princess Presto�s Pin the Princess on the Letter Game
In this �Pin the tail on the donkey� variation, after hearing a letter sound, campers take turns pinning a picture of Princess Presto to the letter that makes the sound.
  • Pin the Princess on the Letter Game (PDF)

Princess Presto�s Princess Ping Pong Pitch Game (Week 2)
Campers practice letters/sounds associations by tossing lettered ping-pong balls into marked containers.

Princess Presto�s Sun and Sand (Week 3)
Campers make sun-catchers from construction and contact paper. Then, as letters are called out, they write the letters in the sand.
  • Sun and Sand Craft Activity (PDF)

Princess Presto�s Presto! (Week 3)
In this BINGO variation, campers start with a board covered with letters. When a letter is called, they take it off their boards. The first camper with a row of cleared letters wins!
  • PRESTO! Game (PDF)

Princess Presto�s All Aboard the Letter-Sound Train (Week 3)
Campers line up to form a train that�s touring through the continents. Along the way, they call out words that begin with a selected letter.
  • All Aboard the Letter-Sound Train activity (PDF)

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