Alpha Pig Activities

Day 1 of each Reading Camp week features Alpha Pig with �Alphabet Power!� Alpha Pig activities focus on the alphabet and letter identification, important first steps in early literacy.

Alpha Pig�s Lickety Letters Craft Activity (Week 1)
Campers practice letter identification skills by finding the letters in their names and then using the letters to make a personalized name sign.
  • Lickety Letters Activity (PDF)

Alpha Pig�s Letter ID Bingo Game (Week 1)
Reinforce letter identification skills with this interactive, letter-based version of Bingo.
  • Letter ID Bingo Activity (PDF)

Alpha Pig�s Letter Scavenger Hunt (Week 1)
Campers search for and identify letters hidden throughout the room. Then they search for the Super Letters and use them to find the Super Story Answer.
  • Letter Scavenger Hunt Activity (PDF)

Alpha Pig�s Healthy Letter Garden Craft Activity (Week 2)
Campers practice letter identification skills by identifying the first letters of different healthy foods. They then make a healthy letter garden to take home.
  • Healthy Letter Garden Activity (PDF)

Alpha Pig�s Alpha Band (Week 2)
Campers get musical instruments with a letter on it. When they hear the letter, or when it�s pointed to, they play their instrument.

Alpha Pig�s Alpha Pig Road (Week 2)
Campers practice letter identification as they hop down a road made of letters, hopping to each letter after it�s called.
  • Alpha Pig Road Activity (PDF)

Alpha�s Pig�s Name Necklaces (Week 3)
Campers practice letter identification skills by finding beads with the letters of their names. They then use the beads to make name necklaces.
  • Name Necklaces Craft Activity (PDF)

Alpha�s Pig�s Quickity-Lickety Letters (Week 3)
Campers �rescue� letters from a quicksand/oobleck mixture.
  • Quickity-Lickety Letters Game (PDF)

Alpha�s Pig�s Alpha-Pokey (Week 3)
In this variation on the Hokey Pokey, campers do the movements using letters on sticks.
  • Alpha-Pokey Activity (PDF)

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