WEEK 1, DAY 2: Wonder Red�s Words Day

On Day 2, Wonder Red�s Words Day, the activities focus on rhyming with the �ALL word family.

Click on the links below to access an overview of the Day 2 activities, the Day 2 materials list, instructions for each activity (including related PDFs), take-home worksheets, and links to the related episode, computer game, and video clips.

Day 2 Syllabus
The schedule and overview of activities for Week 1, Day 2 (Wonder Red�s Words Day!)
  • Syllabus (PDF)

Day 2 Materials
A list of the materials needed for Week 1, Day 2 of camp.
  • Materials (PDF)

Introduction to Wonder Red�s Words Day and Previous Day Review
Campers talk about Wonder Red and are introduced to the day�s activities. They review camp rules, and the literacy skills learned on Day 1.
  • Name Cards, Letter Cards (PDF)

Interactive Viewing: �The Three Little Pigs� / Transform into Wonder Red
The group watches and discusses the episode �SUPER WHY and the Three Little Pigs.� They then transform into Wonder Red whose �Word Power� is the focus of the Day 2 activities. Download or stream the episode using the link below.
  • Wonder Red Mask (PDF)
  • �Three Little Pigs� Episode (Download - Right Click and Save As | View)

Computer Time (Optional): Wonder Red�s Freeze Dance Rhyming Game
Play the Wonder Red�s Freeze Dance Rhyming Game as a whole group activity. Campers take turns choosing the rhyming word that will make Wonder Red dance. A link to the game can be found below.
  • Instructions (PDF)
  • Wonder Red�s Freeze Dance Rhyming online game (Play!)

Craft Activity: Tisket-A-Tasket Let�s Make a Basket
Campers build familiarity with words in the �ALL family by using cut-out letters to make rhyming words (BALL, TALL, WALL) on a felt �picnic blanket.� Then they decorate a picnic basket to store their blanket and letters in.
  • Tisket-A-Tasket Let's Make a Basket (PDF)

Game: Word Charades
Campers take turns acting out an �ALL family word; fellow campers guess which word is being performed.
  • ALL word cards without images, �ALL cards with images (PDF)

Movement Activity: Freeze Dance Rhyming Game and Finding Super Letters
Everyone dances to music, freezing only when an �ALL family word is called out. Then campers search for the Super Letters and find the Super Story Answer.

Extended Learning
Watch and sing the Wonder Red Rhyming Song and play the Wonder Red game from the episode, sounding out �ALL family words. Download or stream the video clip using the link below.

Wrap Up
Do a quick review of the �ALL family words practiced in Day 2. If you wish, do a one-on-one assessment of each camper�s ability to recognize the rhyming words. Then sing the Hip Hip Hurray song to celebrate the accomplishments of the day.
  • Wrap Up (PDF)
  • The Three Little Pigs Coloring Book (PDF)
  • Day 2 Assessment Materials (Optional) (PDF)

Take-home Materials
In take-home worksheet #1, campers look at pictures of �,ALL family words and pick the letter or letters that each word starts with to form complete words. In take-home worksheet #2, they draw a line from each picture to the matching �ALL family word.
  • Wonder Red Worksheets (PDF)

All of Day 2
Print all the Day 2 materials described in the links above.

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