WEEK 3, DAY 5: Super You Day!

On Day 5, Super You Day, families are invited to join in the fun as campers review what they�ve learned during the week and celebrate their accomplishments.

Click on the links below to access an overview of the Day 5 activities, the Day 5 materials list, instructions for each activity (including related PDFs), take-home worksheets, and links to the related episode and computer game.

Day 5 Syllabus
The schedule and overview of activities for Week 3, Day 5 (Super You Day!)
  • Syllabus (PDF)

Day 5 Materials
A list of the materials needed for Week 3, Day 5 of camp.
  • Materials (PDF)

Introduction to Super You Day
Campers welcome their guests and prepare to show what they�ve done during the week. The teacher tells everyone about the day�s activities and encourages guests to participate.
  • Name Tags (PDF)

Interactive Viewing: �Around the World Adventure� / Transform into Superheroes
Campers and their guests watch the SUPER WHY episode �SUPER WHY and Around the World Adventure.� They then transform into Super Readers to get ready for the day�s activities. Download or stream the episode using the link below.
  • All 4 Character Masks (PDF)
  • �Around the World Adventure� Episode (Download - Right Click and Save As | View)

Previous Days Review
The group reviews the literacy skills learned during the week.
  • Letter Cards, �UN Word Family Cards, Sentence word cards (PDF)

Computer Time: SUPER WHY Story Book Creator
The whole class plays the SUPER WHY Storybook Creator computer game. Campers take turns picking out new words to create their own version of the �Around the World Adventure� story.
  • Instructions (PDF)
  • Super Why�s Storybook Creator online game (Play!)

Literacy Games: Choice #1 & #2
Campers invite their guests to join them in playing two of their favorite games from the week. Choose from the following games. (Try to choose two games that were introduced on different days of the week, so that each game will have a different skill focus.)
  • Alpha Pig�s Quickity-Lickity Letters - Day 1 (PDF)
  • Alpha Pig�s The Alpha Pokey - Day 1 (PDF)
  • Wonder Red�s Wonder Wonderific -UN Run - Day 2 (PDF)
  • Wonder Red�s Word Friend Theatre - Day 2 (PDF)
  • Princess Presto�s PRESTO! - Day 3 (PDF)
  • Princess Presto�s All Aboard the Letter-Sound Train - Day 3 (PDF)
  • Super Why�s Powerful Props - Day 4 (PDF)
  • Super Why�s Postacards - Day 4 (PDF)

Craft Activity: Around the World Adventure Puzzle and Finding Super Letters
Campers and their guests put together pieces of the different continents to make a map of the world. They then search for the Super Letters and find the Super Story Answer.
  • Animal stickers (PDF)
  • Super letters (PDF)

To close out the week, campers pose with a SUPER WHY costume character or standee and have their pictures taken. Everyone sings the Alphabet Song and the Hip Hip Hurray song, and campers receive SUPER WHY certificates congratulating them on all they�ve learned during Week 3 of Reading Camp.
  • SUPER WHY Reading Camps Completion
    • Directions (PDF)
    • Passport (PDF)
    • Certficate (PDF)

All of Day 5
Print all the Day 5 materials described in the links above.

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