Take-home Materials: Super Why Worksheets

The Super Why worksheets below focus on vocabulary and reading comprehension.

Super Why Worksheets (Week 1)
Based on the story of �SUPER WHY and the Three Little Pigs,� campers find the right word to finish the sentence and Campers pick the word that best fills in the blank in the sentence.
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Super Why Worksheets (Week 2)
Based on the story of �Hansel and Gretel: A Healthy Adventure,� campers pick the words that best complete the sentence and Campers write in words to finish the sentence.
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Super Why Worksheets (Week 3)
Super Why�s Super Sentence Worksheet: Campers will pick a new word to put in the Super Why sentence and draw a picture to show its meaning.
Woofster�s Doggie Dictionary: Campers will find new words to put into their own Doggie Dictionary! After writing in the word, campers will draw a picture of what it means.
  • Worksheets (PDF)

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