Take-home Materials: Alpha Pig Worksheets

The Alpha Pig worksheets below focus on alphabet knowledge and letter identification.

Alpha Pig Worksheets (Week 1)
Campers find letters hidden in a picture and Campers color in the letters of the alphabet, then circle the letters in their names.
  • Worksheets (PDF)

Alpha Pig Worksheets (Week 2)
Campers follow the letters of the alphabet to solve a maze and Campers match upper- and lowercase letters.
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Alpha Pig Worksheets (Week 3)
Alpha Pig�s Lickety Lasso Letters Worksheet: Campers will reinforce the letter identification skills campers learned today by helping Alpha Pig lasso matching lower case and upper case letters.
Alpha Pig�s Rescue Letters Worksheet: Campers will help Alpha Pig rescue the letters in the word rope by circling all of the upper and lower case letters in the word rope!
  • Worksheets (PDF)

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