Take-home Materials: Princess Presto Worksheets

The Princess Presto worksheets below focus on letter sounds and spelling.

Princess Presto Worksheets (Week 1)
Campers look at pictures of objects, say the name of each object out loud, and then select the letter that each object starts with and Campers are given ten letters to put on objects around them that start with each letter.
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Princess Presto Worksheets (Week 2)
Campers circle the picture of the food that starts with the given letter and Campers color a picture using letter sounds associated with five given colors.
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Princess Presto Worksheets (Week 3)
Princess Presto�s Animal Friends Worksheet: Campers will find Princess Presto�s animal friends by circling the animal that starts with a given letter.
Princess Presto�s Sun Photo Album Worksheet: Campers will help Princess Presto fill her sun photo album with pictures that start with s, u and n.
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