WEEK 1, DAY 4: Super Why�s Reading Day

On Day 4, Super Why�s Reading Day, the activities focus on vocabulary and reading comprehension.

Click on the links below to access an overview of the Day 4 activities, the Day 4 materials list, instructions for each activity (including related PDFs), take-home worksheets, and links to the related episode, computer game, and video clips.

Day 4 Syllabus
The schedule and overview of activities for Week 1, Day 4 (Super Why's Reading Day!)
  • Syllabus (PDF)

Day 4 Materials
A list of the materials needed for Week 1, Day 4 of camp.
  • Materials (PDF)

Introduction to Super Why�s Reading Day and Previous Day Review
Campers talk about Super Why and are introduced to the day�s activities. They review the camp rules, and the literacy skills that they learned on Days 1 through 3.
  • Name Tags, Letter Cards, -ALL Word Family Cards (PDF)

Interactive Viewing: �The Three Little Pigs� / Transform into Super Why
The group watches and discusses the episode �SUPER WHY and the Three Little Pigs,� then transforms into Super Why whose �Power to Read� is the focus of the Day 4 activities. Download or stream the episode using the link below.
  • Super Why Mask (PDF)
  • �Three Little Pigs� Episode (Download - Right Click and Save As | View)

Computer Time (Optional): Super Why Why Flyer Adventure
The Super Why Why Flyer Adventure computer game is a group activity. Campers take turns piloting the Why Flyer to find the letters in a special message.
  • Instructions (PDF)
  • Super Why's Why Flyer Adventure online game (Play!)

Craft Activity: Draw Your Own Adventure
Campers draw pictures and create a story.
  • Draw Your Own Adventure (PDF)

Game: Pin the Tail on the Word
Campers complete sentences by choosing words to fill in the blanks. Then they act out the sentence to show how changing a word changes the meaning of the sentence.
  • Pin The Tail On The Word (PDF)

Movement Activity: Super Why�s Opposite Relay And Finding Super Letters
In this literacy-based relay race, campers must �zap� opposite words before passing the Why Writer to the next player. They then search for the Super Letters and find the Super Story Answer.
  • Why Writer Front, Why Writer Back, Word Sets, Super Letters (PDF)

Extended Learning
Campers watch a video clip where Super Why shows how changing a word can change the meaning of a sentence. They then recreate the game from the episode, changing the meaning of a sentence by substituting opposite words. Download or stream the episode using the link below.

Wrap Up
Do a quick review activity, inviting campers to read words in a sentence, then change some of those words to change the meaning of the sentence. If you wish, do a one-on-one assessment of each camper�s ability level. Then sing the Hip Hip Hurray song to celebrate the accomplishments of the day.
  • Wrap Up (PDF)
  • The Three Little Pigs Coloring Book (PDF)
  • Day 4 Assessment Materials (Optional) (PDF)

Take-home Materials
In take-home worksheet #1, campers find the right word to finish a sentence, and in take-home worksheet #2, they pick the word that best completes the sentence.
  • Super Why Worksheets (PDF)

All of Day 4
Print all the Day 4 materials described in the links above.

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