Club Activities: Forest Fun

In "Forest Fun," kids explore ecosystems–from the ecosystem they live in to the tropical rainforest ecosystem found in Borneo. These activities were designed as a sequence that weaves together PLUM LANDING media resources, including animations, videos, and games, with outdoor exploration and hands-on activities. Each day offers approximately one hour of programming.

Day 1

Start out by having kids watch What's That Sound?!!, a short animated video about some of the sounds of a rainforest in Borneo. Talk about the associated "Conversation Starters," then head outdoors for the related activity Sound Safari. If time permits, wrap up your day by completing one or more of the "Explore Some More" activities listed with both.

Day 2

Today is all about biodiversity–not just in the jungle, but right in your own neighborhood. Watch What's that Smell??! and Stinkarama! Head outside to complete the related activity Biodiversity Bingo. Continue exploring biodiversity outdoors with one or more of the "Explore Some More" ideas listed at the end of the videos and the activity

Day 3

Your introduction to the jungle continues! Now that kids have learned some things about jungle life, play the ecosystem games Jungle Rangers and Jungle Jeopardy. During a break, discuss the "Conversation Starters" listed with each game. Wrap up your day by watching Cooper Hunts for H2O and discussing the associated "Conversation Starters." You might also have kids read the "Explore Some More" and start their own fruit and vegetable journals.

Day 4

The term "ecosystem" doesn't apply just to wilderness areas. You are part of an ecosystem too! Watch A Forest in the City and see how the green spaces in cities are important parts of the urban ecosystem. Then, head outside to explore the ecosystem you live in by completing the associated "Conversation Starters" and "Explore Some More ideas."

Day 5

Wrap up your jungle unit by exploring rainforests around the world and telling Plum all about YOUR world. Watch Earth to Blorb: The Jungle!, discuss the "Conversation Starters," and complete one of the related "Explore Some More" activities. End the day with a sharing session where kids read aloud their letters to Plum.