Jungle Rangers: Missions in the Borneo Rainforest

Jungle Rangers

What Is This Game?

Have kids head out to Borneo to explore the rainforest. In this photo safari, they earn points by following clues to take pictures of specific plants and animals. And the more points they get, the more digital stickers they can buy for their awesome (and animated!) sticker collection!

Conversation Starters

  • What's the most awesome animal you saw in the rainforest? What was the coolest plant? Why?
  • Which mission from Plum was your favorite? Why?
  • How do the animals in your neighborhood communicate?
  • How do the plants in your neighborhood attract insects, like butterflies, ants, or bees?
  • How do their seeds travel to new places?

Explore Some More

Neighborhood Explorer

Create a game similar to Jungle Rangers that explores your own neighborhood. To start, go for a walk and jot down in your field notebook the plants and animals you see. As you explore, think about the following questions for each plant or animal:

  • What basic needs does it have, and how does it meet these needs?
  • What body parts or behaviors does it have that help it survive here?
  • How does it get food and water?
  • Where does it find shelter?

Then use what you have learned to create your own game, sending players on a series of missions! Your missions might include instructions to find predators, animals that travel through the air, or plants with seeds that animals carry. Think of a few similar prompts and questions, and write them down together on a series of index cards or pieces of paper cut into quarters. Then, recruit a friend or family member to play the game with you.

Curriculum Topic

biodiversity, ecosystems

Activity Type

indoor and outdoor