Earth to Blorb: The Jungle!

What Is This Video?

Tune in as Plum tells her friends on Blorb all about rainforests. You might be surprised to learn where some of the oxygen in the air you breathe comes from!

Conversation Starters

  • Are we in a rainforest? How do you know?The answer will depend on your location.
  • What makes a rainforest a rainforest?Rainforests are places that receive lots of rainfall; they also contain many trees.
  • What are some rainforests you know?
  • How are tropical rainforests important to life?They produce nearly half of the world's oxygen. They are also some of the most biodiverse ecosystems and provide unique habitats to many living organisms.
  • What are some reasons why rainforests have so much biodiversity?Tropical rainforests receive lots of sunlight and water, which helps plants grow. The abundant plants that can grow in a rainforest then support lots of different kinds of animals, more than you can find in other ecosystems

Explore Some More

Rainforests around the World

Make wall-sized maps of rainforests around the world using poster paper, crayons, and markers. Use online resources or maps and atlases to draw a large outline of a region of the world. Then color in the rainforests in that region, labeling them with the country or countries they are located in. Label other physical features (mountains, oceans, the equator) that are near the rainforests. Is there any pattern to where rainforests are located? How far away is the nearest rainforest? Which rainforest is the farthest north? South? What surprises you about the locations of some rainforests? How can there be rainforests in Canada and Alaska?

Earth to Blorb: My Neighborhood!

Create a message to Plum telling her all about your world. Write, draw, use photographs, or build props with craft supplies to show Plum what your neighborhood looks like, what kinds of plants and animals live there, what the climate is like throughout the year, and where the animals in your neighborhood make their homes. Be sure to tell Plum about one or two things that make your world awesome!

Curriculum Topic

ecosystems, biodiversity

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