A Forest in the City

What Is This Video?

Join along as Jia, Jessie, Eyo, Henry, Niri and Bella explore their city neighborhood with Ranger Jesse. Can there be a forest hiding in the city? You might be surprised by what they find!

Conversation Starters

  • Do you live in an urban forest? How might you find out?
  • What are some of the green spaces in your neighborhood? What roles might these green spaces play for the plants and animals living in your neighborhood?
  • Imagine somebody wants turn one of the green spaces in your neighborhood into a parking lot for nearby businesses. How might this affect your neighborhood ecosystem?

Explore Some More

Eagle Eyes

Imagine you are a bird, flying above your neighborhood, just like the kids in the video. What do you think you will see from this bird's - eye view? Where might you find food, water, and shelter? Sketch your ideas in your field notebook. Then, head out on a neighborhood walk. Record all the places where birds and other animals might find the resources they need.