Cooper Hunts for H2O

What Is This Video?

Cooper freaks out when he accidentally bubbles himself to the jungle - without anything to drink! But he quickly sees the jungle is actually teeming with sources of water, from rivers to dewdrops to juicy plants.

Conversation Starters

  • Cooper saw animals using some surprising sources of water in the jungle. What might be some sources of water for the animals living near you?
  • Why do you think it is important for us to have water every day? How much water do you drink every day?
  • Where does the water you drink come from? How might you find out?

Explore Some More

Eat Your Water!

Animals aren't the only organisms that meet some of their need for water from the foods they eat. You do, too! How juicy is an apple, orange, or slice of watermelon? What about a stalk of celery or a lettuce leaf? A candy bar? Jot down in your field notebook your observations of each of these kinds of foods. Then, for one day, keep track of how many fruits and vegetables you ate. Record how many other kinds of foods you ate, such as bread, crackers, or cookies as well. How much of your daily diet also provided you with water? If you were thirsty, but couldn't grab a drink, what might be some foods you could eat to quench your thirst? To take this activity further, keep track of your fruit and vegetable consumption over a whole week. Record how much you drink each day, and whether you noticed feeling thirsty throughout the day. Do any patterns emerge?