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Feature Creature

Fact Cards: Learn more about unique and exotic animals with these quick fact cards (Many cards include Real Player audio and/or video.).

Going to the closet

Game: This FLASH animation game asks children to find animals hiding in their natural habitats (requires FLASH 4 plug-in).

Mystery Animal

Game: There is a mystery animal hiding and children are asked to guess who it is. Zoboo will help by giving the children clues.

Connect the dots (Printable): Print and connect the dots of 5 new creature friends: penguin, elephant, panda, octopus, bear.

Eye Spy (Printable): Print, cut out and color 4 creature masks: Popper the Tiger, Moonface the Owl, Muscles the Bear, Zoboomafoo.

Snack Machine

Game: Children are introduced to one animal and are presented with several snacks, they must select the appropriate snack for their animal friend.


Coloring Pages (Printable): Print and color some of your favorite Zobooland characters: Noggindrill, Snow Lemur and Slimantha.

Creature Karaoke

Sing along: The songs in this activity are available in both FLASH animation and Real Player audio(FLASH version requires FLASH 4 plug-in).

Who's Zoboo?

Learn how to draw Zoboo, download a screen saver or have Zoboo tell you a joke.

The Kratts

Learn more about Chris and Martin Kratt.

Family Fun

Character who's who

Activity Guide

Episode Guide

Lemur Snacks

Screen Saver

Printable Pages:

Muscles the Bear (connect the dots)
Toothbrush the Elephant (connect the dots)
Octopus (connect the dots)
Splish the Penguin (connect the dots)
Panda (connect the dots)

Popper the Tiger (creature mask)
Moonface the Owl (creature mask)
Muscles the Bear (creature mask)
Zoboomafoo (creature mask)

Noggindrill (coloring page)
Snow Lemur (coloring page)
Slimantha (coloring page)
Color by Number (coloring page)

More or Less? (counting game)

Who's Your Mommy? (matching game)

Animal Friends Word Search (word search game)

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