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The Kratts
The KrattsThe Kratt brothers are creators and hosts of Kratts' Creatures and Zoboomafoo. They've been creature adventuring ever since they were as big as a wombat, first in their backyard and now all over the world. The brothers started making wildlife films while in college when they went on camping trips around the world and filmed wildlife. They edited the films in their basement and brought them into schools to show kids. Now, they've made 50 episodes of Kratts' Creatures in Africa, Central America, Australia and all around the world.
Chris Kratt The brothers
birthday July 19, 1969
Age He's as old as the oldest Plains Zebra! They can live 20-30 years.
hometown Grew up in New Jersey with Martin, two sisters, and a St. Bernard dog. Oh, and a chipmunk that lived in the gutter pipe.
education B.A. Biology, Carleton College. Also studied chimp language and tool-using with fellow chimps, Naika, Tess and Sophie. Remember them from the chimpanzee show?
favorite outdoor sport Canoeing and Kayaking
goals in life To find out all he can about creatures and the creature world. And to finally beat a raccoon in a tree-climbing contest!
Martin Kratt
birthday December 23, 1965
Age He's lived through over 30 generations of short-tailed shrews. They only live for about 1 year!
hometown Grew up in New Jersey, where lots of deer, raccoons, opossums, crickets and red-tailed hawks grew up too. Don't believe what you hear about New Jersey. It's not all highways!
education B.S. Zoology, Duke University. Completed hands-on, interactive study of animal defenses. Remember the Great Defender's show? He smelled like a skunk for one week after that.
favorite outdoor sport Scuba Diving
goals in life To meet all his creature neighbors and convince people to be kind to creatures. To find out why there aren't any bears in Africa.

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