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Screen Saver
While your computers at rest Zoboo will play!

Watch your favorite lemur leap, leap, leap around your computer screen. Just follow the simple instructions below to install your own Zoboomafoo screen saver.

If you are using a Macintosh computer:
Place the unstuffed copy of the screen saver (the file named "ZobooSaver") in the Control Panels folder of your System Folder. Turn off any other screen savers that may be running, then restart your computer. Download the Macintosh screen saver.

If you are using a Windows computer:
Unzip the file you download using a program like PKUnzip or WinZip. Double-click the "install.exe" file to install the unzipped screen saver. Open 'Display' in Control Panels and select 'Screen Saver'. Select "ZobooSaver" from the screen saver window. Download the Windows screen saver.

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