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The Kratt Brothers
The Kratt BrothersThe Kratt brothers are creators and hosts of Kratts' Creatures and Zoboomafoo. They've been creature adventuring ever since they were as big as a wombat, first in their backyard and now all over the world.

The brothers started making wildlife films while in college when they went on camping trips around the world and filmed wildlife. They edited the films in their basement and brought them into schools to show kids. Now, they've made 50 episodes of Kratts' Creatures in Africa, Central America, Australia and all around the world.

Zoboomafoo is originally from the mysterious island of Madagascar. But he loves to explore - which is how he ends up at Animal Junction each day.

Everything here is strange and new to Zoboo. Since he grew up in such an isolated place, he has never met creatures from other parts of the world. Just like a preschooler, Zoboo has never encountered animals like pelicans, jaguars, gazelles or salamanders. So he is just as amazed and excited as a kid when he meets an animal for the very first time.

Zoboo has a special insight he calls his "lemur sense" that helps us better understand what the Animal Friends are thinking. But before he says a word, he always has to have a snack. Snack time before talk time!

When Zoboo learns a new word, he tasted it. He rolls it around in his mouth and plays with it - Por-cu-pine...Porcu-pine...Porcupine! Kangar-oo...Kan-ga-roo...Kangaroo!

Zoboo loves naming his new Animal Friends. He usually gets to know them a little at first and then gives them a name based on one of their unique characteristics.

Toothbrush The Elephant
Toothbrush is a curious baby elephant who often wanders away from the herd. When he does, he follows his amazing nose straight to Animal Junction. Toothbrush can do lots of fun things with his trunk, such as pick things up, blow bubbles, squirt water and even play the harmonica!

Muscles The Bear
Muscles is the strangest baby Animal Friend that Zoboo has ever met. That's why he named him Muscles.

One time, Zoboo even tried to become as strong as Muscles by doing bear push-ups - with Muscles sitting on his back! It didn't work. But Zoboo did learn that all animals have special characteristics that make them unique. Some are stronger than others and some can run faster. But they're all different and that's what makes learning about them so much fun.

Splish n' Splash The Penguins
Splish & Splash are inseparable brother and sister penguins. Everywhere Splish goes, Splash come waddling right up behind her. Splish the sister and Splash the brother love to swim, but they don't wait for a hot summer day to take the plunge. They can spend hours swimming around in the coldest water they can find - the more ice cubes the better! Splish & Splash got their names from Zoboo because every time they jumped into the water, that's what happened! Don't get too close to the water or you may get soaked. Brrrrr!

Popper The Tiger
Zoboo gave Popper her name because one day she popped all the balls at Animal Junction. Popper loves popping balls - soccer balls, basketballs and even big purple balls that look like giant goobleberries! She's a cub now, but Popper is a Siberian tiger and will grow up to be one of the biggest wild cats in the world!

Moonface The Barn Owl
It's a bird...it's a plane...it's Moonface! Every day, Moonface comes zooming into Animal Junction with a message from the Animal Helpers. Moonface is so quiet, you can hardly hear her coming. That's because she has really soft feathers, which help her fly silently.

She has a curious round white face that looks like a moon. She also loves flying on moonlit nights, which is why Zoboo named her Moonface!

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