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Welcome to Animal Junction online. This is a place where you and your child can interact and have fun with Zoboo and all his animal friends.

There's no place like Animal Junction, you never know who's going to pop by. All animals are welcome, whether you're a full grown African elephant or a baby ant, in Animal Junction you'll find lots of friends.

Just like on the TV show, Animal Junction online is a place for you and your child to learn more about animals and how they're similar to you.

Going to the Closet

Going to the Closet is a visual game that asks children to look for selected animals in an abstract background. At the start of the game children will be shown 5 or 6 animals, then they are taken to the animals' habitat and asked to spot them in the scenery.

Educational Benefit:

This game has many benefits. It requires that children use their memory, in order to remember the animals they see at the start of the game. It also provides the chance for children to see animals in their natural habitat and it requires that they look for specific animals. Children also practice using a computer mouse and this helps to improve their eye/hand coordination.

Feature Creature

This is an excellent way for children and adults to learn more about all their animal friends. Each card is filled with interesting information about each feature creature.

Educational Benefit:

The feature creature gives fast facts on many different animals and highlights their uniqueness. Children practice reading skills and are introduced to new animals each time they visit the site.

Mystery Animal

There is a mystery animal hiding and children are asked to guess who it is. Zoboo will help by giving the children clues.

Educational Benefit:

This game helps teach children to decipher puzzles. Children use both reading skills and image recognition to choose the right mystery animal.

Connect the dots

This offline activity provides children the opportunity to continue their fun with Zoboo away from the computer and TV. This activity is fun because after connecting all the dots children have a picture they have made themselves.

Educational Benefit:

Children can practice hand control by successfully connecting all the dots in the right order. This game also helps children with their numbers and letter recognition. The dots must be connected in the proper sequence, either from 1 to 21 or from A to Z.

Eye Spy

Eye spy is an offline activity that encourages children to use their imagination.

Educational Benefit:

While practicing hand control and how to use scissors safely, children will have fun decorating their masks. When they are done, they can use their animal knowledge and their imagination to pretend to be that animal or act out what they would do if they were that animal.

Snack Machine

Children are introduced to one animal and are presented with several snacks, they must select the appropriate snack for their animal friend.

Educational Benefit:

Snack Machine is a great way to learn about what our animal friends like to eat. This activity also helps children become more familiar with how to use their computer mouse.


This is a printable coloring page area that includes some favorite Zobooland characters.

Educational Benefit:

This game helps teach children with hand/eye co-ordination when they color in their very own pages.

Creature Karaoke

Children can sing along to their favorite songs while following the bouncing ball.

Educational Benefit:

Creature Karaoke is a fun way for children to learn word recognition, and some introductory reading skills.

These are some additional activities that can be printed out and completed off-line.

Educational Benefit:

The additional activities promote coordination, matching, and word recognition skills.

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