Toopy and Binoo's World Games Printable Activities Parents and Teachers
Find the butterfly Colour by number. Find the butterfly!
Maracas from Caracas Maracas to make and rhythms to explore. Maracas from Caracas!
Lunch at Toopy and Binoo's A dolls' tea set to cut out. Lunch at Toopy and Binoo's!
Toopy Wants to Swim Find the path through a labyrinth. Toopy Wants to Swim!
The Pencil Holder from Space Make a pencil case. The Pencil Holder from Space!
Patchy Patch's Memory Game A memory game, learn how to play. Patchy Patch's Memory Game!
Toopy Island Invent and draw a way to get to Toopy's Island. Toopy's Island!
Mr. Elephant's Dance Make a cartoon. Mr Elephant's Dance!
Super Toopy's Magic Trick Make a magic hat. Super Toopy's Magic Trick!

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