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The world of Magic Toopy with its sensory exploration games

First adventure: visual exploration

Mr. Squirrel has lost his mitten! But look! Footprints have appeared in the snow! Magic Toopy, Magic Binoo and your child follow the footprints and discover some unusual things.

Snowmen that must be lined up in order of their size

Elephants in the clouds whose differences disappear when clicked. Poof!

Piles of blue butterflies hidden in the forest that can be found using magic binoculars.

Skills developed: Observation, discrimination and visual recognition.
Printable activity: Color by number Find the butterfly!
Second adventure: audio exploration

When the pretty balloon flies away, Toopy and Binoo rush after it and are enveloped by a thick fog. Through the fog, the child can make out direction signs. A click of the mouse dispels the fog and brings our heroes to the bottom of the ocean, where each fish musician must find the shell that makes a note identical to its own note. Next they go to the desert, where by matching each animal with the sound it makes, they will sort out the animal mix.

Finally they travel to space, where by repeating the musical sequences, they will finally manage to put the insomniac baby monster to sleep.

Skills developed: Memorization and repetition of an audio sequence, recognition of sounds.
Printable activity: Maracas to make and rhythms to explore. Maracas from Caracas!
Third adventure: memory and observation

Against a dark background, geometric shapes sparkle. Suddenly, the shapes join to form a star, which immediately disappears! Where has it gone?

Is it with the sheep? No, because all they can think of is eating and they must be given equal portions of fruit.

With Mr. Soft? No, because the road to his house is incomplete and must be rebuilt. Behind the clouds? Maybe, if the child can restore the secret code that opens the door to the sky.

Skills developed: Observation, repetition of a series, math skills (sharing and deduction)
Printable activity: A dolls' tea set to cut out. Lunch at Toopy and Binoo's!

The world of Captain Toopy with its amusing discoveries and experiments

Fourth adventure: Discovering water

Captain Toopy and Captain Binoo are teleported out of their spaceship and into their bathtub. They and the child viewer begin to explore it.

There is a bottle of soap bubbles that burst all over the place and makes musical sequences that are fun to repeat.

There’s also an amazing sponge that soaks up the puddles hidden in Toopy and Binoo's room and a faucet that must be fixed by finding the correct missing pieces.

Skills developed: Observation, logic, and memorization.
Printable activity: Find the path through a labyrinth. Toopy Wants to Swim!
Fifth adventure: The discovery of colors

Captain Toopy and Binoo are teleported in front of some pots of paint, brushes and an easel. On the canvas children discover three amazing drawings into which they and their friends can be teleported:

A colorless monster that must quickly be colored as an artist with his paints and brush!

The scattered rabbits that must be grouped according to color in the Jumping Bunny game.

Some fish who have switched sections of themselves and must be put back together.

Skills developed: Comparison, observation and logic. Color recognition and how to mix them.
Printable activity: Make a pencil case. The Pencil Holder from Space!
Sixth adventure: Discovering the alphabet

This time, the friends are seen in front of a book. What is it for? Toopy, Binoo and the child enter the book.

Telling the story of Madam Frog; the child observes the story bubbles and learns to put them in the correct order.

Helping the squirrels make words; children complete words by comparing them.

Matching things with their names, and finding the space snake's toys that have been described orally.

Skills developed: Observation, anticipation, storytelling. Literacy building.
Printable activity: a memory game, learn how to play. Patchy Patch's Memory Game!

The world of Super Toopy with its Inventive Solutions

Seventh Adventure: Mister Dragon's Pirate Island

In Toopy's room, Super Toopy and Super Binoo are sitting around, waiting for something to do. When the phone rings, Super Toopy rushes to answer: someone must need help! Along with the child, the Super duo leaves to rescue Mr Dragon who is stuck in bed. To relieve his boredom, Toopy invents Pirate Island for him.

Mr Dragon must reach him with his bed-boat by using the treasure map, but it's incomplete. The child helps Super Toopy put it back together by putting the pieces in the right spots.
Great! On Treasure Island, there is a treasure chest! Unfortunately, it's locked. Super Toopy wants this key. To help him, the child colors a scroll using the correct colors and makes the path leading to the key appear - as well as the contents of the chest!

On this fantasy treasure island, the kids can also find a burlap sack. What's inside it? The loot and - whoops! - two long-nosed monsters! Luckily, the monsters want to share their loot with Mr Dragon! The child divides the amazing loot into equal parts made up of orchids, coconuts, and starfish.

Skills Developed: Logic, observation, and deduction. Color recognition, number and color association. Dividing and distribution, deduction based on known objects.
Printable Activity: Invent and draw a way to get to Toopy's Island. Toopy's Island!
Eighth Adventure: Mister Squirrel's Wings

This time, it's Mr Squirrel who needs help - he wants to play but doesn't know what to do. Toopy invents wings for Mister Squirrel and asks him to fly to a big cloud where other squirrels are waiting to have fun!

To get to the cloud, Mr Squirrel must follow the path of hazelnuts, but it's incomplete. The child observes the sequential order of the nuts and continues the sequence in order to complete the path for Mr Squirrel.

Mr Squirrel is walking around the cloud but seems shy. Toopy wants to make them laugh and asks the child to make three squirrels dance. The child watches and memorizes the sequence that the squirrels do and repeats it in the correct order. Good job - Mr Squirrel is smiling!

Wow! A Super Flying Squirrel is having fun on this cloud! Mr Squirrel tries to dress like him but the result is all wrong. The child helps Mr Squirrel find the right costume pieces to be dressed like Super Squirrel.

Skills Developed: Logic, observation, and deduction. Visual memory. Observation and comparison.
Printable Activity: Make a cartoon Mr Elephant's Dance!
Ninth Adventure: Mr Elephant's Mountain of Balloons

Super Toopy, Super Binoo, and the child go on a rescue mission to help Mr Elephant who's bored to tears. Toopy invents a new, hilarious game - you have to jump, jump, jump - up to a mountain of balloons!

Super Toopy invites Mr Elephant to join them on the mountain by jumping on the balloon path, but it's incomplete. The child completes the path by placing the correct balloons in their place.

On one side of the mountain, elephants are trying to climb the balloons to parade around like circus clowns. The child gives each elephant a balloon with respect to his size and the size of the balloons.

On the other side of the mountain, animals have left footprints on the balloons. The child matches the prints to the animals by looking at their paws.

Skills Developed: Logic, observation, and deduction. Visual discrimination. Image comparison and association.
Printable Activity: Make a magic hat. Super Toopy's Magic Trick!

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