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Can I download the game to play offline if I don’t have web access from home?

The game is designed to work from a live Web server and requires a connection to run. However, there are Printable Activities available that can be used anywhere at any time!

How do I play the Toopy and Binoo games?

From the main screen, click on one of the three creatures floating in the sky, then click on one of the three doors to access Toopy and Binoo’s world! If you want to play the games directly, click on the Games Backpack at the top.

What are the stars that appear in the sky for?

When you play in Toopy and Binoo’s world and enter a door, each path will allow your child to find a star. Once the star is found, it finds its way into the starry sky.

How do I increase the difficulty level of the games?

There are three levels of difficulty for each game. While playing games in the world, each game starts at level 1, but increases up to level 3 each time it is played. By going through the backpack, there are three bubbles at the top. By clicking on the middle bubble, the game will be played on level 2, and by clicking on the right-most bubble, the game will be at level 3.

Why am I getting a blank page?

You might be missing the latest Flash version. Click here to get the most recent version.

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