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From inside their house-on-the-web, Toopy and Binoo invite children to join them in their adventures... Discover our joyful interactive games and printable activities!

Note : children will need your help to cut and paste the spectacular displays proposed by Toopy and Binoo!

The Carnival
Bumper cars are fun. The more obstacles the better!
Printable activity: A maze to play.

In the Land of Puzzles
Four puzzles with two levels of difficulty... Solve the puzzles to see Binoo come out of his hiding place!
Printable activity: Build cube-shaped puzzles.

A Castle for Patchy Patch
In the land of blocks, you can build anything you can dream of...
Printable activity: Build a paper castle.

The Magic Mirror
Binoo wants to put on a disguise. What better than a magic mirror?
Printable activity: Dress up a paper doll of Binoo.

Animated Painting
A visual and auditory experience: animated notes and illustrations blend together!
Printable activity: Make your own picture!

The Musical Tree
Toopy and Binoo have a band... Let the music begin!
Printable activity: Print instruction to form a glass orchestra.

The Fruit Chase
Toopy needs help! Catch the fruit to feed the hungry clouds!
Printable activity: Print a game of dominoes.

Cool Slide
Toopy is ready to come barreling down the mountain... The more obstacles there are, the louder the laughs!
Printable activity: Print a game of snakes and ladders.

The Picture Machine
Toopy has invented an incredible machine... a picture machine!
Printable activity: Print and assemble finger puppets.

The Hunt for Bubbles
Catching the bubbles that are carrying Binoo's Patchy Patch away takes a little skill...
Printable activity: Build a mobile.

Nursery Rhyme Among the Stars
As the nursery rhyme unfolds, constellations appear in the sky...
Printable activity: Build a paper merry-go-round and make it swivel.

A Thousand and One Stories
Binoo needs help to decide what will happen next in his story...
Printable activity: Build a paper theatre

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