Speak Out
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Dear Mr. President, We, the Kids, are speaking out. These are our top ideas for...
the Earth

Don't waste time on little things. Stop the things that matter most like pollution. - Kirk, Age 14

Dear BARACK OBAMA im glad you will make a change - Katie, Age 11

My idea for the earth is stop cutting down trees and recycle so that the animals can have their home - cydnie, Age 12

a Speaker wearing a bow tie
Our Schools

I'd like to not eat silent lunch and have lunch aids stop screaming about things that don't make sen - Lilly, Age 10

To help globel warming in school we should have a time where we should go in bickyles. - Elia, Age 8

And ugan the CrowIsland school needs more art - Nikolina, Age 7

a Speaker wearing a pillbox hat
Being Healthy

Be nice to everyone around you.  - Kerrie, Age 7

I think that people in the lower class shouldhave free health care because they need money to pay fo - Olivia, Age 10

eat healthy foods's or get fat and when you get older you might die. so eat healthy and play. - christina, Age 9

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Thanks for listening! The Kids.