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Rosie holding Gatita


October 3, 2022


About the Show

Rosie’s Rules is an animated preschool comedy series that follows the adventures of Rosie Fuentes, an inquisitive and hilarious 5-year-old girl just starting to learn about the wow-mazing world beyond her family walls. And she is ready to learn it all…by figuring it out herself.

Meet the Characters

  • Rosie

    Rosie is our five-year-old “every kid,” but a little more inquisitive, a little more impulsive, and a lot more prone to chaos. Rosie’s endless curiosity sets the stage for her ongoing pursuits to learn more about her family, her community and beyond (until recently, she didn’t even know there was a beyond!). After all, when faced with something new – whether it’s a challenge, a problem, or a grand and glorious idea - our adventurous leader with big ideas, jumps right in.

  • Gatita

    Gatita is the family cat as well as Rosie’s cuddliest, fluffiest sidekick. Gatita is also an excellent listener and she may or may not be a secret genius.

  • Iggy

    Iggy is Rosie’s adorable, typically egocentric, 2½-year-old little brother. Iggy speaks in the third person, expressing his most passionate feelings. Above all, Iggy adores his big sister, who he calls Wosie, and follows her around as a ready and willing assistant to whatever she’s up to that day.

  • Crystal

    Crystal is Rosie’s creative older half-sister. Crystal loves guiding Rosie, but lets Rosie solve her problems – sometimes using her creative and artistic talents to help Rosie out of a jam!

  • Papá

    Papá brings an infectious energy to any situation. Proud of his Mexican heritage, Papá loves sharing stories of his upbringing in Mexico City.

  • Mom

    Mom owns a quaint bookstore and loves finding the perfect book for someone. She is quick with cuddles, loves spending time with her family, and beams with pride when witnessing Rosie’s curiosity and determination.

  • Tía Margarita

    Tía Margarita is Papá’s sister, a chef, and the owner of a small Mexican fusion restaurant in town. She has a big personality, a deep, giddy guffaw, and an exuberance about, well, pretty much everything.

  • Javi

    Javi is Rosie’s cousin, and she often calls him “primo.” He helps Rosie with her problem-solving (i.e. chaos-producing) escapades, and often lends a different perspective on things.

  • Abuela

    Abuela lives in Mexico City in the same house Papá and Tía grew up in. But living far away doesn’t stop her from seeing her familia! Video calls with Abuela are a highlight for Rosie – she’ll ask her for a video tour of her house or a peek into her rose garden or a quick peek wherever Abuela happens to be. And with her active lifestyle, it could be anywhere!