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How Do You Feel
Teddy Bear



People often have different feelings— even more than one at the same time. 

Here's a teddy bear that you can make into a puppet. Print it and draw its face to show one feeling.

Print another picture of this teddy bear and make a different feeling on that face. Paste or tape the two sides together. Paste or tape the teddy bear face on a pencil or straw. Now you have a puppet with one feeling on one side and another feeling on the other side.

Can you make up a story about a teddy bear who has different feelings, just the way people do?

Parent TipsWhen we can talk about our feelings, they can become a lot less overwhelming, or upsetting, or scary. Just having a caring listener makes hard times more manageable.

Talking about feelings can be a challenge for young children. While you can encourage talking, you can also help them find other creative ways to express their feelings —through artwork or making up puppet stories, and other ways that you have found to be helpful in your family.
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