neighbors of all ages

When I was little I would wake up early just so I could watch Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. I would wake up at 6:25 just so I could watch it at 6:30. I grew up with it. When he died, I was like, I have to have EVERYTHING that came in through the paper, or watch whatever came on T.V. about him. When I'm older, and have kids, they WILL know about Mr. Rogers and the show. Christina - Colorado Springs, Co

I use to watch this show as a toddler,and I shed a tear aytime I think about him.He made kids feel important and as able to get them through rough times,and I wish that I coud tell him that in person.Many people love him,he made t.v o much better!I think that everyone will remember him,and if they don't...I KNOW I will remember him,because he helped my life!! Casey - Worcester, MA

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