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Washing Toys Water Science

Have fun experimenting with water.


First gather a few things:

  • cooking utensils

  • funnels

  • dishpan or bowls

  • pitchers

  • spoons

  • water

  • objects to float and sink

  • Using a dishpan of water, experiment with different cooking utensils -- funnels, pitchers, spoons, different weighted objects. See how some objects sink and some float. Stirring water makes currents and swirls. If you leave the water in the dishpan for several days, it will evaporate.

    Parent Tips Water play can be soothing. It feels good and it doesn't ask for a "product" to be made. Playing in water can also be the beginning of scientific discoveries. For example, children tend to think that big things sink and small things float. When they experiment, they can learn about different properties of objects. They also understand more about water and how it moves.
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