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Show and Tell ball

Did you guess that it was a ball?  Here's a ball you can make yourself—it's called a rag ball!


Tear old rags into inch-wide strips. Knot the ends of the strips together. Ask someone to help you start winding the long strip of rags into a ball. Now you can continue, making the ball bigger and bigger! Stuff the ball into the toe of an old sock, knot the end of the stock near the stuffing, and fold the extra back over the ball.

For a game of "bag ball," fold down the top edge of an empty paper grocery bag about one inch all around. That way, the bag will stand up all by itself. Practice tossing the "rag ball" into the bag so you'll get better and better!

Rag Ball
Parent TipsBall games can be hard for young children, especially at first. But if you make the task easier (like bringing the bag closer...and closer) and encourage practicing, children often find they get better and better. Besides that, when you encourage the use of ordinary household things for games, you're helping your child become inventive, creative and resourceful by finding new uses for things.
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