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Show and Tell Television Set

Did you ever want to be on TV?


Start by making a television set. Cut one side out of a large cardboard box. On the opposite side, cut a hole the size of a television screen. You might want to paint the pretend television set. When the paint has dried, you can add knobs and dials with a marker.

To make a television program, put the television set on a table and kneel behind it, as if you're using it for a puppet stage. Do you have some toys you can use for the "set"? Use some puppets and other toys to put on a television show. Maybe you want to act out a simple story with puppets, pretend about a favorite television program, or sing a song.

Television Set
Parent TipsUsing a pretend tv set may encourage your child to have some creative fun with puppets and stories. The added benefit of this kind of "tv play" is that children may be better able to talk about the things they see on television. If your child has seen something scary on tv, this activity may help them turn it into their own story about "taming" the scary thing.
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