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Show and Tell Drum

Beat on a drum you made at home.


Lots of things can be used as drums -- a box, an empty coffee can with a lid, a cardboard container with a lid. You can make different sounds by drumming with your fingers or with a pencil or a stick from an ice cream treat.

Drums don't just make a loud noise. Pound on your drum hard, then softly. Pound on your drum fast and then slowly. How would you play the drums if you were angry? Or happy? Can you think of words to go along with the drumming, like a chant?

Parent TipsDrumming can help children find an outlet for their feelings. While we tell children, "It's okay to be angry, but it's not okay to hurt," we can also it give them other acceptable ways to express their anger, like beating on a drum. When we encourage children to drum to rhythms in a song or in their name, we're helping them develop careful listening so they can hear sound patterns. That's one way your child learns to hear sounds in words -- that's a skill your child needs for learning how to read and write.
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