Why Explore Nature Outdoors?

Here’s a quick list of the benefits for you and your child.

Learn Science and Respect Nature

Kids who spend time exploring nature outdoors:

  • do better in school, especially science.
  • feel more connected to plants and animals.
  • understand the need to take care of the planet.
  • want to keep learning, exploring, and asking questions.

Research shows that regularly doing outdoor activities:

  • improves motor skills—how well children move.
  • increases fitness and reduces extra weight.
  • releases stress, anxiety, and excess energy.
  • strengthens the body’s ability to fight disease.
  • makes children feel positive about the future and themselves.
  • stimulates creativity and the imagination.
  • often carries into adulthood as a healthy habit.

Any Obstacles?

We live in the city.

Perfect! Every city, suburb, or town is part of a larger ecosystem—a one-of-a-kind place where certain plants and animals (including humans) live together. You don’t even need to go beyond your neighborhood! There’s far more nature around you than first meets the eye.

I have little or no time.

It pays to make time, given all the benefits we’ve talked about. One way is to add easy outdoor mini-games to your daily routine. Try it: Can you and your child walk to the bus while counting all the animals you see? How about back home again—how many different types of flowers do you see?

The weather is nasty.

There is no bad weather when it comes to science! Just bad clothing. Dress well, and you and your child can experience excellent science in the rain, snow, or wind. Try it: Blow and chase bubbles to see how rain, snow, or wind changes how they form and float and how long they last. (Note: Skip thunderstorms for safety reasons.)

I don't know a lot about science or nature.

That’s fine. Children are natural scientists. They’re curious about everything! Try it: Let your child openly explore leaves, bugs, puddles, grass—whatever grabs their interest—and ask questions. Explore and learn the answers together. Use the PLUM LANDING app "Outdoor Family Fun with Plum" as a nature guide. This app gets your family outdoors exploring the world. Every day, the app offers five outdoor missions to get everyone thinking and talking about nature and the science that’s all around us.

I'm not an outdoorsy type.

Family time outside every day, even 15 minutes or a half an hour, will do you good too! Make it a habit and you’ll feel more positive, become more fit, have more energy, and reduce stress!