Club Activities: Stayin' Alive!

In "Stayin' Alive!," kids explore how plants and animals survive in their environments, from deserts to your own neighborhood. These activities were designed as a sequence that weaves together PLUM LANDING media resources, including animations, videos, and games, with outdoor exploration and hands-on activities. Each day offers approximately one hour of programming.

Day 1

Today you'll introduce your kids to PLUM LANDING and to the Australian desert. Start out by having kids watch Digging for Clues, a short animated video about life in the desert. Then, do the related hands-on activity Roots and Shoots.

Day 2

Continue exploring adaptation with the "Explore Some More" ideas listed at the end of the Roots and Shoots activity. If time permits, watch and discuss The Search for Shrimp, another short animated video about adaptation to desert life to wrap up your day.

Day 3

Your introduction to the desert continues! Now that kids have learned some things about desert life, play the desert ecosystem games Explore the Outback and Feed the Dingo. During a break, discuss the "Conversation Starters" associated with both.

Day 4

Today, kids apply what they've learned about plants and animals–in the desert and in their own neighborhoods–by completing a series of drawing missions for Plum using the Nature Sketchpad.

Day 5

Wrap up your desert unit by exploring deserts around the world and telling Plum all about YOUR world. Watch Earth to Blorb: The Desert!, have a discussion with the "Conversation Starters," and complete one of the related "Explore Some More" activities. End the day with a sharing session where kids read aloud their letters to Plum.