Club Activities: Operation Evaporation

In "Operation Evaporation," kids explore evaporation and the water cycle not just in the desert, but right in their own neighborhood, too. These activities were designed as a sequence that weaves together PLUM LANDING media resources, including animations, videos, and games, with outdoor exploration and hands-on activities. Each day offers approximately one hour of programming.

Day 1

Today you'll introduce your kids to PLUM LANDING and to the Australian desert. Start out by having kids watch The Lost Lake, a short animated video about the fate of water in the desert. Then, head outdoors to complete the related hands-on activity Evaporation Station.

Day 2

Continue exploring water in your neighborhood with the "Explore Some More" activities listed at the end of Evaporation Station. If time permits, watch and discuss The Search for Shrimp, a short video about adaptation to desert life, when you return indoors.

Day 3

Now that kids have learned a few things about desert life, let them take what they've learned and set it to song! Listen to the song Deserts Aren't Dead, and have a discussion using its "Conversation Starters." Wrap up your day by completing the "Explore Some More" ideas.

Day 4

Deserts aren't the only places where water can be scarce. In Build a Rain Barrel, see how one family helps their garden survive a midsummer drought. Have kids make their own gauges to measure rainwater. If time permits, wrap up your day by having a discussion using the "Conversation Starters" or completing one or more of the "Explore Some More" activities listed with the video.

Day 5

Wrap up your desert unit by exploring deserts around the world and telling Plum all about YOUR world. Watch Earth to Blorb: The Desert!, have a discussion with the "Conversation Starters," and complete one of the related "Explore Some More" activities. End the day with a sharing session where kids read aloud their letters to Plum.