Club Activities: Hunting for Habitats

"Hunting for Habitats" gives kids an introduction to mountain ecosystems, including topics such as habitats and adaptation. It also highlights science process skills, such as recording and analyzing data and communicating results. These activities were designed as a sequence that weaves together PLUM LANDING media resources, including animations, videos, and games, with outdoor exploration and hands-on activities. Each day offers approximately one hour of programming.

Day 1

Today you'll introduce your kids to PLUM LANDING and to a mountain ecosystem. Start out by having kids watch A Peek at the Peak, a short animated video about the different zones of a mountain. Then head outdoors for the related hands-on activity, Habitat Sweet Habitat.

Day 2

Continue exploring habitats in your neighborhood with the "Explore Some More" activities listed at the end of A Peek at the Peek and Habitat Sweet Habitat. Lead a discussion with the associated "Conversation Starters" to round out your day.

Day 3

Today is all about collecting data in different habitats. Watch Hiking Wachusett, Hiking the Rockies, and Mountain Face-Off, videos about exploring two different mountain ecosystems. Discuss the "Conversation Starters" at the end of each video and head outdoors to complete one or more of the "Explore Some More" ideas listed at the end of the videos.

Day 4

Get a bird's-eye perspective on your neighborhood today! Watch Gabi Notices a Nest, have a discussion using the associated "Conversation Starters," and then head outdoors to complete the associated "Explore Some More" activity. When you return indoors, have kids complete several Nature Sketchpad missions, if time permits.

Day 5

Wrap up the unit by exploring mountains around the world and telling Plum all about YOUR world. Watch Earth to Blorb: Mountains!, have a discussion with the "Conversation Starters," and complete one of the related "Explore Some More" activities. End the day with a sharing session where kids read aloud their letters to Plum.