Club Activities: Go with the Flow

"Go With the Flow" provides kids with a broad overview of watersheds and human impact on ecosystems, in both a tropical swamp and right in their own neighborhoods. These activities were designed as a sequence that weaves together PLUM LANDING media resources, including animations, videos, and games, with outdoor exploration and hands-on activities. Each day offers approximately one hour of programming.

Day 1

Today you'll introduce your kids to PLUM LANDING and to a mangrove swamp in Belize. Start out by having kids watch River Rollercoaster, a video showing how water moves through a landscape and carries things with it. Have a discussion using the associated "Conversation Starters," then do the related hands-on activity Build A Watershed. If time permits, wrap up your day completing one or more of the "Explore Some More" activities listed with both the video and activity.

Day 2

Head outdoors on a photo safari today! Follow some of the missions in Plum's Photo Hunt, then continue your exploration of water with the associated "Conversation Starters" and "Explore Some More" activity. If you have time, play and discuss the photo safari game Water Safari when you return indoors.

Day 3

Now that kids have learned how water moves through landscapes, introduce them to how people sometimes harm watersheds and how kids can help keep waterways clean. Watch Oliver Takes out the Trash and Water Carries Everything. Then, have a discussion using the "Conversation Starters" associated with both videos. If time permits, do the "Explore Some More" activities listed with each video.

Day 4

Today is all about water in your world. Watch Follow the Water, have a discussion using the associated "Conversation Starters," and complete the "Explore Some More" activity.

Day 5

Wrap up your water unit by exploring major water resources around the world and telling Plum all about water in YOUR world. Watch Earth to Blorb: Water!, have a discussion using the "Conversation Starters," and do the related "Explore Some More" activities. End the day with a sharing session where kids read aloud their letters to Plum.