Club Activities: City Life

“City Life” gives kids a chance to explore how wildlife thrives in city and town settings due to suitable habitats, adaptations, and behavioral strategies. Daily themes begin with plants, move to plant-animal relationships, and then end with animals. These activities weave together PLUM LANDING animations with outdoor explorations, physical and digital games, and hands-on activities. Each day offers approximately one hour of programming.

Day 1

Today, introduce your kids to PLUM LANDING and to plants that grow right in your city or town! Watch Plant Your Socks!, a short video about collecting seeds in an empty lot or green space. Then, head outdoors for Seed Travels, a hands-on activity about the many ways plants spread their seeds. If time permits, have kids plant the seeds they collected, just like in the video (see the “Explore Some More” ideas in the hands-on activity for directions), or play the Seed Racer game about the many ways plants disperse seeds.

Day 2

Today is about finding and seeing local wildlife—which isn’t always easy, for good reason. Watch The Brick-Eating Ivy Mystery, a short video about animals using plants for shelter and camouflage. Then, go outside to explore animal camouflage with the Hiding in Plain Sight games and activities. Time permitting, choose an “Explore Some More” activity listed with the video or main activity, or play the Creature Connector game, in which kids solve ecosystem puzzles to help animals and plants get what they need to survive.

Day 3

Growing cities and towns can present obstacles or benefits for wildlife, depending on their design. Have kids watch Cities Vs. Plants, a video about how plants survive and grow in cities, and ultimately provide green spaces for animals to do the same? Then, head outdoors to play the Migration Challenge, about how traveling birds must make stops in cities and towns for food, water, and shelter. The optional “Migration Maps” extension activity challenges kids to find safe, nourishing resting spots for animals in your neighborhood.

Day 4

Today, explore the science question: So just how much wildlife is there in the city? Watch the short video Wild, Wild Life that shows there’s probably more wildlife than you think in your neighborhood—you just have to look hard or change your perspective to find it. Then, go outdoors and explore local wildlife with the Signs of Life scavenger-hunt activity.

Day 5

Wrap up your neighborhood safari by exploring amazing animal survival skills. Watch Squirrel for a Day, a short video about squirrels finding water when rain is scarce. Then, go outdoors and hold a super-fun Animal-ympics contest, in which kids explore how well animals can run, jump, fly, or crawl. End by trying out one or more “Explore Some More” ideas, including more Animal-ympics contests or the fast-paced “Stash the Acorn” activity.