Rocky Mountain Roundup: Missions in the Canadian Rockies

Rocky Mountain Roundup

What Is This Game?

Have kids head out to the Canadian Rockies to explore a mountain ecosystem. In this photo safari, kids earn points by taking pictures of specific plants and animals. The more points they get, the more digital stickers they can buy for their awesome collection!

Conversation Starters

  • Which mission from Plum was your favorite? Why?
  • What missions would you include if you made a game like this for your own neighborhood?
  • How do the plants and animals in your neighborhood survive cold winter weather? Hot summer weather?

Explore Some More

Who's in This Habitat?

Cut four pieces of string, each about a foot and a half long, and head outdoors. Use the strings to mark off a square anywhere in your yard or neighborhood–on the lawn, in a garden, under a tree, or even along the sidewalk. Record how many different kinds of plants and animals are inside the square (remember, invertebrates like ants, earthworms, and pillbugs are animals too). The emphasis is on different–you don't need to count every single blade of grass, just the different types of plants and animals you find. This is a simple way to measure an area's biodiversity. Repeat in different locations. Where did you find the most biodiversity? The least? What might be some reasons for these differences?

Curriculum Topic

biodiversity, ecosystems

Activity Type

indoor and outdoor