Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor Adventures

What Is Outdoor Adventures?

Plum's Outdoor Adventures is a collection of challenges that encourages kids and families to get outdoors and connect with nature. After completing challenges, kids draw, write, and answer questions about what they discovered and share that information with Plum. For each completed challenge, kids receive a nature-themed digital badge to add to their collection!

Conversation Starters

  • What other outdoor adventures would you like to complete?
  • Which challenge was the easiest to complete? The hardest? Why?
  • Which was your favorite? Why?
  • What is your favorite thing about being outside?

Explore Some More

Beyond Badging

Have kids make an Outdoor Adventures journal to chronicle these and other outdoor experiences they have. Fold eight to ten 8" x 11.5" pieces of blank paper in half and staple along the middle of the crease to create a booklet. [NOTE: Kids may need help stapling.] Then, download and print completed badges. Have kids cut out their completed drawings and badges and tape or glue them into the booklet, using a new page for each badge and adding a few sentences that describe the challenge and what they observed. [If you do not have a printer, you may have kids draw the badges instead on their journal pages.] Encourage kids to use this journal to record any experiences they have with the natural world. Our tips provide other ways for exploring with your kids!

Become a Citizen Scientist

Looking for more adventures now that you've completed all twelve missions? Keep exploring by participating in a citizen science project! Check out SciStarter in the Classroom, a collection of projects looking for volunteer scientists across the country to collect data on butterflies, bees, trees, and even the night sky.

Curriculum Topic

habitats, biodiversity, human impact on the environment

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