Nature Sketchpad

Nature Sketchpad

What Is the Nature Sketchpad?

Plum's Nature Sketchpad is an open-ended digital drawing activity that lets kids follow a mission to create their own PLUM LANDING artwork. Kids can save their creation or send it to Plum for possible inclusion in the site's regularly updated galleries. If your kids don't have computer access, this can be a great pen-and-paper activity, too.

Conversation Starters

  • What missions would you add to this game if you wanted to tell Plum all about where YOU live?
  • Many of these missions ask you to draw animals looking for food. What are some of the animals in your neighborhood? What do they eat, and how do they find food?
  • What do the animals in your neighborhood do to keep from being eaten?
  • What are some of the plants in your neighborhood? Have you seen animals on or near them? What were the animals doing?

Explore Some More

Mission Mural

Print your completed missions and put them together to make a collage. You might tape your missions to a wall or spread them out on the floor. Use craft supplies to add features to your missions, such as other plants and animals, clouds, lakes, or rivers.