Explore the Outback: Missions in the Australian Desert

Explore the Outback

What Is This Game?

Have kids head out to the Australian outback to explore the desert. In this photo safari, kids earn points by taking pictures of specific plants and animals. The more points they get, the more digital stickers they can buy for their awesome collection!

Conversation Starters

  • What's the most awesome adaptation to desert life you saw in the outback?
  • Which mission from Plum was your favorite? Why?
  • What missions would you include if you made a game like this for your own neighborhood?
  • How do the plants and animals in your neighborhood get the water they need?

Explore Some More

Plant Scavenger Hunt

Take a walk in the schoolyard, through the neighborhood, or to a nearby park. Challenge kids to find a plant with: thick, tough leaves; soft, thin leaves; and leaves that look like needles. (Note: Kids might not understand that needles on conifers are leaves.) If allowed, collect a sample of each kind of leaf. Bring the leaves back to the classroom. Spread them out on paper towels and make some quick notes about how each one looks and feels. If you have a camera, take photographs of the leaves. Leave them to sit overnight and compare them the next morning. Do any of the leaves look different? How did they change? Be sure to troubleshoot any safety concerns (traffic, poison ivy, sharp objects, etc.) while you explore.

Curriculum Topic

adaptation, habitats

Activity Type

indoor and outdoor