The Manta Ray Mystery

What Is This Video?

Plum sends Clementine and Cooper to investigate reports of a VERY big fish living near a VERY yummy pizza place. Bring your flashlight, some money for pizza, and join the spooky nighttime fun!

Conversation Starters

  • The video shows that wind is blowing with whirling white lines. But in real life, wind is invisible. Since you can’t see it, how can you tell when the wind is blowing? (Hair blowing back, objects swirling around or fluttering.)

  • Cooper and Clem discovered that the wind didn’t just disappear when it hit the building. What happened to it? (The wind blew around the building and swirled in circles into an empty lot.)

  • What objects have you seen flying around, blown by the wind? (Leaves, papers, dust, etc., … but not manta rays!)

Explore Some More

Pushy Wind

What can wind push around? Can you find 10 windblown objects in your neighborhood? How about 20? Rewatch the video for ideas. Think about where the wind usually blows hard. Then, on a windy day, grab your notebook and go on a “pushy wind” scavenger hunt, listing all the moving objects you see. For example: flag, sign, awning, skirt or dress, tie, air, scarf, hat, open umbrella, paper, plastic, steam or smoke, clouds, tall grass, tree leaves and branches, dirt or dust, balloon, bubble, kite, streamer, sailboat, windsock, weathervane, wind turbine. What’s the biggest thing wind is pushing around? (Tip: Did you know that skyscrapers sway in the wind?)

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