The Hidden Alligator Mystery

What Is This Video?

There’s a whole world beneath most cities, with cables and subways and power lines and alligators and wastewater tunnels big enough to raft through! Wait a minute—ALLIGATORS?! Join Brad and Clementine on a thrilling Alligator Expedition to solve this mystery once and for all!

Conversation Starters

  • Where does rainwater go in the city? (It flows down roofs, gutters, streets, and storm drains into giant tunnels beneath the city. Some rainwater is absorbed into the soil or forms puddles and ponds that evaporate.)

  • What happens to the water in a storm drain? (Tunnels and pipes carry it to rivers, lakes, or oceans outside of the city.)

  • What plants and animals did Brad and Clem see? (Moss, vines, fish, mice … but not alligators.)

Explore Some More

Rain, Rain, Going Away

On a rainy day, don your rain gear and hunt for a storm drain near you. Tip: Rainwater flowing down street gutters (where the street meets the curb) can lead you to one. Stand in a safe spot near the curb but off the street. Watch, listen, and smell as the water pours down the drain into the drainage system below. What’s floating in the rainwater? (Leaves, dirt, trash, oil, etc.) Describe and compare the water sounds above ground and those coming from below ground. How deep do you think the wastewater is? (Drop in a rock and listen for a splash.) Take a breath. How would you describe the smell? Revisit the storm drain on a dry day and compare observations.

Curriculum Topics

water, water cycle, weather

Activity Type

indoor and outdoor